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WordPress Multi Tier vRA Blueprint

Hey All,

Long time since posting, main reason is time since achieving double VCDX and new baby and a new book on the way time is something I just don’t have a lot of at the moment.. which sucks!!
Since the majority of my work these days is around vRA and designing multi cloud strategies for my customers I am usually neck deep in vRA blueprints. is a great place to get samples and content to leverage to build your own. but while this isnt an issue to everyone I have had quite a number of people reach out and ask for Windows based examples. Looking in the developer Centre it is very heavy Linux focused and to be honest when blueprinting I have always found the Linux based blueprints a lot easier to work with.

Sine it looks like WordPress is the flavour of the month when it comes to demo blueprints I will create a windows one. I think PHP install was the wackiest part when it came to automating but either way it is there and uploaded HERE A multi tier Windows based vRealize Automation blueprint.

I will add another with NSX Loadbalancer as well as a single node solution just to spice it up.

more to come Enjoy,


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