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vRealize Orchestrator – Action References

So this caught me by surprise and something that was not in the release notes of vRO 7.3 but I think should have been shouted aloud for the world to hear.

This new feature is something that I have wanted for a long time but also made me realise (no pun intended) how use to not having it, I have become. For ages I have lived with not really being able to move an action or rename because by doing so would have broken all the links to it, which is why this has taken a while for me to see this new feature.
This worry is no more and vRO is becoming slowly more and more like an IDE.

In 7.3 we can now move actions and tell it to change all references to it. Be warned though the more workflows and actions you have it can take a while to change all the references.

Let step through a basic demo of this in action.

I have 2 basic actions referenceDemo and callReferenceDemo
You can see from the below images that referenceDemo is in the Name Space of “virtualiseme.utilities”

2) lets move the referenceDemo action to another name space.
As mention above in my lab which has about 4000 custom workflows and actions not including the ootb ones just changing this simple action which only had 1 reference took about 3 minutes but compared to the hours it could take if a change is needed to be made manually its worth it.
As you can see from the first image below there is a tick box in the top left to change all references. Once SELECT is hit it will search through every element for the references.

Now if I go to the callReferenceDemo action we should see it pointing at the new action location.

and there it is all changed.

This also works if you want to rename it

Also note it will increase the version of all changed actions and workflows if a reference is changed.

That’s it, short and sweet, while a small change it has made at least one person very happy to have this feature now available.


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