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vRA 7.4 – Custom Form Creation

Hey Hey,

I have been busy diving into custom forms and recorded a step by step walk through of a simple form, but then dive into a more complex form. This feature has been long awaited and you can see in the video below how much cleaner and user friendly the forms can now be in vRA.



  1. Sumit
    Sumit May 23, 2018

    Hi Scott,
    Video is great. Thanks for putting this together.
    I was looking for some help on ‘Value Picker’ field to pick a user from MS Active Directory. Somehow not able to integrate this control with a vRO action to get the values. Any idea how this can be achieved.
    Thanks in advance!!

    • Scott Norris
      Scott Norris June 12, 2018

      Hey Sumit,

      Cheers for the feed back, I have done a video on the Value picker It will pass the reference of the user object through in the the payload which you can use. To be honest a standard drop down might be easier and just use strings.

  2. HowardC
    HowardC September 14, 2018

    Hi Scott,
    Thanks for the video. Are you aware of any mean to ‘constraint’ number of selections in the Multi-Set, and have the number of selections based on a different element (e.g. Instances)? For examples, computer object names are queries from an AD OU, a list of next 10 available AD computer names are returned via action to a Multi-Select. If a user chooses the number of Instances deployed to be 3, is there a way to validate only 3 selections are made? It appears a constraint exerntal value maximum and mininum may be the way to go, but custom forms doesn’t seem to pass any parameter on this Instances element. Thanks.

    • Scott Norris
      Scott Norris September 14, 2018

      Scott Norris on September 14, 2018 at 11:13 pm said: Edit
      Hey HowardC,

      Yes I just tested this, you will need to create an action that takes a string and a number and returns a string.

      In this action you will split the string by “,” into a temp array(this will be the selections made in the multi select) you then compare the array length with the number(integer for how many machines) and if they are not equal return a meaning full string (which will be the error) if they are ok return an empty string.

      once you have the action create an external validation in the custom form linking the inputs to the right fields.

      do that and the form will not validate unless it all lines up.


  3. HowardC
    HowardC September 15, 2018

    Thanks. It works great!

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