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Hey Hey,

As things are getting more complex, I have found videos can get more across, and with my written english most likely make more sence. I will still be posting more indepth content here so stay posted. Please go here to see all my latest videos and how-tos.



  1. Naresh
    Naresh April 2, 2020

    Hey How are you !!

    i am a big fan of your and following you for every cloud blog and video on YT.

    Can you plz create a video about Winodws machine on vra 8.0.1

    like assign static ip, join to Domain, install IIS components, Install SQL

    Create a backup plan for vm.

    And request you for onpream technology like internal vcenter

  2. Naresh K Debta
    Naresh K Debta April 10, 2020

    Hey how are you !!

    Thanks for your today video.

    I really appreciate your effort and help, thanks you took my request and complete a video with domain join and iis&sql install.

    Thanks again


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