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Thank you

Hey all,

On a serious note A big thanks to everyone who has supported me over the years. Thanks to the VMware community and everyone who visits my blog and puts up with my terrible spelling and grammar 🙂

Most don’t know but this blog started in the chemotherapy chair When I had 8 hours to burn while poison was killing the cancer and everything else. Today marks 6 years since I finished my final treatment for Non-Hodgkins lymphoma.
Still have 4 years of checkups and tests left to go until the docs will leave me alone and I am hanging for that day!

This did change me as a person and for the better, made me “V”realize (see what I did there?) the little things don’t matter. Next time someone cuts you off or someone connects a home router into the corporate network bringing down DNS and DHCP or your running late, stop and think… is this going to matter tomorrow, next week, next month… nope.

To anyone else going through something like this, keep your chin up and enjoy everyday as much as you can. and fight the good fight.


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