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Exception 14 and no heartbeat (2/2 IPIs received) PSOD

Being meaning to write something up about the recent PSOD party I had at one of my clients site, just some background information:

  • 3 clusters of 32 hosts
  • all connected to the same storage arrays (different LUNs obviously)
  • all the same blade and ESXi version
  • all the same firmware for all components
  • had been running stable for well over 18 months

This environment all of a sudden started experiencing PSOD errors, there were 2 different ones that would appear these are:

no heartbeat (2/2 IPIs recieved)

no heatbeat psod

Exception 14 I could not find the screenshot I took but the exception 14 was only happening sometimes and I think it was more a flow on effect from the above psod when virtuals HA accross in such a volume. But was still part of the whole puzzle.


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