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vTIPS #2 – Resetting VIN Database

VMware Infrastructure Navigator or vRealize Infrastructure Navigator as its now called, is a very light weight and very simple to use and rarely has an issue. but occasionally like everything problems come up. like “access failed. an unknown VM access error has occurred” generally its easier to just redeploy but here is a tip you can redeploy without redeploying with a couple of simple commands.

1) log onto the VIN server as root
2) run the command :
monit stop vadm-engine

This will stop the VIN service

3) execute the file /opt/vadm-db-config/bin/

This will drop the VIN database

4) execute the file /opt/vadm-db-config/bin/

This will re configure the database

5) run the command:
monit start vadm-engine

This will start the VIN service.

The appliance should then start preparing the environment.

Another good command to run is monit summary this will show the service status.



  1. P. Cruiser
    P. Cruiser August 20, 2015

    VMware should pay you for this information. Not even their own documentation tells you how to do this (typical of late).

    • Scott Norris
      Scott Norris August 24, 2015

      Cheers for the kind words,

      Your right, documentation is thin on the more advanced features these days. I find anything that involves blowing away databases they prefer a support ticket to dish out that kind of information. I have a similar one for vCOps 5.x with removing vCenters.

      Would still be nice to be easily find these in official doco to at least know they exist and use t own risk type of disclaimer

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