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VCAP5-DCD Objective 1.3 – Determine Risks, Constraints, and Assumptions

  • Differentiate between the general concepts of a risk, a requirement, a constraint, and an assumption.

Risk – is a exactly what it sounds like a risk that might prevent a projects goals or requirements from being completed. An example of this is would be a single point of failure, supply chain reliability for hardware, Staff don’t have necessary training to manage the environment

Requirement – Is a mandatory condition that you have to satisfy with the design. There is 2 types of requirements Non Functional and Functional.

  • Non Functional – Affects how the design accomplishes the functional requirement, can also fall under or be considered a constraint. an example “The design must leverage the companies existing investment in HP ProLiant blade servers”
  • Functional – what the design must DO for example “The design must be provide sufficient capacity to handle current workloads and account for a 20% growth in the number of workloads over the next 2 years”

Constraints – Can be also considered as a Non Functional Requirements. It restricts the options in satisfying the requirements for example “Netapp NFS storage must be used”

Assumption – any aspect of the design that is accepted as fact and is not backed up by a requirement or a constraint, try to minimise assumptions. Example “it is assumed the client will reuse their existing monitoring solution”

  • Given a statement, determine whether it is a risk, requirement, a constraint, or an assumption.

See the above explanations with statements of what they are, this will then determine which category .

  • Analyze impact of VMware best practices to identified risks, constraints, and assumptions.

not all best practices will fit every situation and apply them where posible or where it makes sense  VMware’s best practice is to have a separate VLAN for vMotion and Management traffic, does the current switching infrastructure support VLANing is there network admins have knowledge of using VLAN’s this could be turned into a risk or might not be implemented because a clients constraint was it had to run on a flat network.

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  1. chandrashekhar
    chandrashekhar August 6, 2017

    Kindly reply with catagories for the following?
    Approved capital investment
    Recovery of mission critical application
    sufficient network infrastructure
    HIPAA compliance
    Educating current staff

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