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My First Monster VM

I had some new hardware come by my desk to have a play with, this was a couple of BL685 G7s blades with 4 x 12 core Opteron 6174 with 512GB of RAM.

This hardware was for a vcloud POC but the first thing I wanted to do was build a 32 vCPU  virtual machine, but I skimped on the RAM and only gave it 256GB 🙂

Now that I had this beast I was not sure what to do with it so I did what any geek would do and decided to crunch pi to 50 billion places

Just under 6 hours later it was finished.

This was running on Hardware version 8 and ESXi 5.0 update 1

That was a good days work!!!


  1. Luke Flemming
    Luke Flemming February 14, 2013

    I remember that day well. A good day was had 🙂

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