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Mega Virtual Machine

I have recently been playing around with the HP DL980 G7, for those who dont know this is a 80 physical core 160 logical core, 2TB RAM monster from HP.

Host summery below for vSphere client (I really need to force myself to use the web client more)

So since I had one of these why not create the biggest VM possible 64 vCPU and 1TB RAM.

Now that I have a VM of this size what do I do, well since when I did a post on my Monster VM I crunched PI to 50 billion places why not crunch PI to 100 billion!!! So that’s what I did


The calm before the storm

The storm has come

Results close to 6 hours later

Comparing my old results from THIS post the 32vCPU VM did 50 billion in close to the same time as this did 100 billion which is pretty good.

O well back to work now!!!

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