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Cluster Dashboard with Added Views

Hey Hey,

I have just put a video together showing the building of the Cluster Dashboard from the post “vROps Cluster Dashboard Step by Step how to” from scratch, as well as configuring a couple of views to replace the topology widget, These may or may not be use full. But I find views, specially distribution views great more for executive dashboards but can play their part in the the operational space as well.

In the below youtube video I step by step go through and creation the dashboard as well as a couple of views to add to it. Export of the dashboard is at the bottom of this page.

Now the Views I used are very simple ones, that shows the breakdown of Guest Operating Systems, and below are some quick steps in creating them.

Guest OS Breakdown View

1) First navigate to the View selection and click the Plus icon.

2)Give it a meaningful name.

3)In this instance we will pick Distribution and leave it as a Pie Chart (really wish we could change the colour of it). For this presentation we will choose Discrete Distribution.

4)For the Subjects we want to select virtual machines

5)Under Data we change it to Properties and navigate to Summary/Guest Operating System/Guest OS Full Name and drag it over to the right. Give it a Metric Label otherwise the Metric Name will be used and that’s not generally very nice.

6) Click Save.

Application Breakdown View

Follow 1 through to 4 as above.

For the Data I am using a custom Tag but this could be any property in vROps.

Now we add these Views into the dashboard using the View Widget and if all is good we should have something like below.



  1. Chris
    Chris April 27, 2017

    Hi Scott,
    thanks for you’re great dashboards, they’re working fine for us. Unluckily the application breakdown widget seems to have a problem, it doesn’t give us the applications on the virtual machines.

    • Scott Norris
      Scott Norris May 1, 2017

      Hey Chris,

      The application breakdown in this instance is using tags i created so will more than likely not work for you. It was more to show how you could do it. But very easy to adapt to any value that might be useful.



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