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AWS and vCAC application Services

Hey Hey,

Well I have finally come across a resolution to an issue that has been around since AWS added the new Frankfurt region. When this was added the ability to provisioning to AWS from vRealize Application Services formally APPD (Application Director) was killed. This was due to the new region using new API and APPD using an older API and when it connects it must go over each region and when it hit the new one fails and fails out the whole authentication/connection process.
You would see something similar to the below image.

Screenshot 2014-11-25 15.56.03

OK so what is the fix for this?

Its actually quiet simple, There will be an official fix coming but what we have been able to do is just update some files.
Files needed are:

  • joda-time-2.5.jar,
  • aws-java-sdk-1.8.11.jar
  • aws-java-sdk-core-1.8.11.jar
  • 1) first thing we need to do is rename or move the existing files out of the directory /home/darwin/tcserver/darwin/webapps/darwin/WEB-INF/lib/
    The files that need to be moved or renamed are:
    aws-java-sdk-1.3.7.jar and joda-time-1.6.2.jar

    2) Copy over the new files I used WinSCP to do the copy as shown in the image below.
    Screenshot 2014-11-25 16.07.52

    3) Restart the darwin tcserver service in the appd appliance
    Screenshot 2014-11-25 16.10.03

    4) once back up lets see if we can now connect to AWS.
    Screenshot 2014-11-25 16.24.41


    Signing out

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