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Hi All,

My name is Scott Norris I have been working with VMware technologies since ESX 2. I have had many roles in my IT career. I have been working exclusively on VMware technologies for the past 6 Years.

For 5 years I ran a 100% dedicated VMware Team for one of the worlds top technology companies working on accounts around the world but based in Australia.
If I had been called the shit has hit the fan. most of my work was break fix and even have the local VMware guys calling for assistance occasionally, The rest of my work is focused on architectural decisions and road maps for many clients.

Now after years of being asked to make the move I finally stepped over to the vendor and now work for VMware, where I deliver services to a wide range of clients and has been a change of pace to what I was used to. But so far so good 🙂

I started this blog for 2 reasons, When I was under going chemotherapy for NHL I had allot of time sitting in a chair not doing much so part was to do with boredem, the other reason is I work on large accounts covering most VMware products and have seen allot so its a way to show solutions or help with configurations of VMware products for others out there, To give back to the VMware community.

I don’t post half as much as I would like but when I get time there will be a burst of posts.

On this blog my views are my own and not of my employer.

Twitter Account: @auScottNorris
Email: snorris@virtualiseme.net.au

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